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You call yourself a “life strategist.” How long have you been doing this work? How did you become one?

In my first life, I was a physiotherapist. So, I already understood the stress and its effect on people's lives. What struck me was how people kept coming back. After successful treatments, they'd get better, but after a while, they'd return with the same symptoms.

When I was struck by a stress-related illness in 1998, I experienced first-hand what stress can do to one's mind, body and emotional well-being. When life hits you like that at 38 years old, it really does something to you... Doctors told me that I would probably never be able to climb stairs again and certainly never be able to work again. I also had a fantastic partner and three young children to care for, which wasn't acceptable to me. Despite what the doctors told me, I said, No way, I can't accept this. I cannot accept that as my truth!

I tried every treatment out there, but nothing changed. Then I decided to take my life into my own hands and began to study ancient wisdom and modern science. That's how I came to the personal development world, the power of the mind and the subconscious mind. Because that is where it all starts, with your self-worth, inner dialogue, self-image and self-care. I applied this to myself, and I began to heal. It took me five years to get here, but now I'm a healthy grandmother of three. I climb the stairs every day, and I work every day. That personal health challenge I overcame made me who I am today.

I've learned from my experience, from doing the work myself and helping others, for almost 20 years. My mission has been to warn people and help them before they reach the point I got - lying there in bed, unable to take care of my children, take care of myself, or do anything. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My purpose is to guide people to apply the fundamental principles of authentic living, which lead to authentic success and fulfilment in life and business.

Who do you help? What kind of clients do you serve?

Caring people often sacrifice their happiness and well-being to meet the demands of those around them. I understand they're trying to be good enough and do well, driven by that "inner urge" to help and please everyone, whether in a family or business. I understand because I've been there and literally made myself sick because of it.

I work primarily with deeply caring professionals and entrepreneurs because they tend to put their work and others before themselves, which has so much influence over their well-being. Most of them already have signs and symptoms that they're stuck in a vicious cycle of over-giving and do not know how to shift out of this. They know there's more to life, and they're doing everything they can. Still, they're sacrificing themselves and their well-being to create success.

They may think that the symptoms will go away with just a bit of self-care. "Self-care" is a big thing these days. Everybody is using that phrase. A bit of yoga, good nutrition, exercise and sleep. But self-care, the way I work, is ten times more complete. It's a spectrum of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self-care. It's that broad spectrum we need to get back to, connect with ourselves, and be authentic to who we are. Not to function out of guilt, fear or anxiety about what others think or are going to say about us.

How do you know if you’re self-sabotaging or sacrificing in this way?

You may be extra sensitive, take things personally, and compare yourself to others, which shows how sensitive you are to the outside world and other people's opinions.

Most people who come to me already have a sense of depletion. They feel exhausted as they're giving too much of themselves. Many of them feel guilty when saying "no" to others. Many live in their head, meaning they are disconnected from themselves, but they need to learn how to change that.

Most people I work with have a dominating "inner critic", an inner voice that tells them whatever they do is never good enough. There's always something more to do. They are emotionally exhausted too. Most of them are parents and often have a team to lead. They want to be responsible for everybody in their business and family.

Some people are very successful but not fulfilled. They wonder, "Is this it now? Is this my life?" I had many signs and symptoms, but I never listened, and then one day, my body just said, "STOP!"

What industries and niches do you serve?

I work locally and internationally, serving men and women, mainly professionals and entrepreneurs. They’re eager to shift out of their current situation and do what’s necessary to move forward, often combining running a household and business. Some of them are busy parents who want to attain a healthy work-life balance, to lead by example in their own families. It’s all about reclaiming authentic leadership and inner success in their situation.

Chronic stress is the most dangerous thing, and when it hits, whatever profession you’re in, however successful you are, it can hit hard. In this society, with 24-hour availability, high-performance expectations, automation, artificial intelligence... it’s all around you, whether you see it or not.

What are some characteristics of the people you work with?

They are the givers in society, and it’s never enough or good enough. Usually they’ve had a sort of wake-up call and decided this cannot go on any longer! It could be a crisis in the family or something that happened at work. Maybe you lost a family member and that is the last drop. It can be a big or small crisis, or even just a symptom that you can’t ignore any longer.

For example, I’ve supported people who had a migraine, a stomach ache or exhaustion that’s been going on and on. They've tried everything to get rid of it physically; Yoga, exercise, massage, physical self-care. But finally they realize that something is really going on here and they need to do something different. There's an inner knowing that you cannot ignore, when you listen to your body. The universe gives you signs.

Is there a person for whom your work wouldn't be a good fit?

I cannot help someone who doesn't want to be helped or is stuck in a "victim mentality." I can't help someone who's only doing this because somebody else wants them to. I can only help if they feel worthy enough to invest in themselves or understand that the healing starts within. I only work with people ready to take responsibility for themselves and sit in the driver's seat of their own life.

I don't work with people who think there's a magic pill because this is a transformational inner journey. It's a process. If you've been running unhelpful patterns, behaviour and beliefs for 30 years, it will take a while to shift. Although my RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) technique gives you excellent and fast results, as the name says, you will need to integrate it into your life. You have to be willing to do the work.

You choose to do this work because you're finally committed to the most crucial person in your life, YOU! You demonstrate this by taking responsibility for your inner world and outer results. Otherwise, you will stay in your current situation. We address this fundamental principle as one of the first steps in your journey. This is about you, no one else.

Is there a client story you can share?

There are hundreds of stories to share, and they are all unique in their own way. You can check my page with testimonials. A businesswoman I worked with partnered with her husband as the director of a million-dollar business. She also had two boys at home. She wasn't even 40 years old when she had two strokes due to stress. She could hardly talk. Then she read my book and recognized herself in it, so she contacted me. We made a journey together, and you wouldn't recognize her today. She lived the first half of her life just like I did, sacrificing herself, always trying to help, lead, and do everything for the business and the family. But she was like a small bird with her wings clipped; she couldn't fly anymore. She lost herself and her smile.

We did a lot of work in the past and in the present. She learned to be herself again.

Today she's no longer functioning out of responsibility for others. She dropped severe sentences like "I must, I should etc...". She takes responsibility for herself with the birthright to be herself. "Here I am. I'm doing the best I can from a full cup, deserving my best life." It's living out of authentic being and choice. It's asking questions like, "Is that okay for me? Do I choose to do that? Or do I choose not to?"

In my programs, I include teachings like nonviolent communication. So we stop judging ourselves (and others) and express our own needs without worrying about what others might think. It changes everything. In the case of my client, it changed her life and her health.

After one year of working on herself, she's also thriving as a partner because she doesn't sacrifice herself anymore. One of her children is as sensitive as she is. Now, he sees his mom in a totally different light as a role model, leading by example, not sacrifice. It gives me chills when I think about it.

I also worked with a prominent businessman. He was into triathlon training, trying to find balance in life through sports. He trained for triathlons, thinking sports would bring balance to his life. How he was going about it required so much effort that he ended up completely depleting himself in both his professional and personal life. He decided to get help instead of doing it all on his own. He invested in himself with a 4-month program, and he rediscovered himself. He changed his mindset and inner dialogue. He's like a new man. Now he's a natural leader and a true partner, with bags more passion and energy. He's excelling in his sport as well.

How quickly can I expect results working with you? What programs do you have?

As a starting point, if you want to dip your toe in, you can work with me, doing the RTT experience for 28 days. But many of my clients go for four or six-month programs. I've seen that the more committed the client is, the better the results. It's such a beautiful journey that people often want to continue afterwards. Some people commit to an entire year, and I give them a good deal.

Each program works with my seven-step process, including "Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)", which helps you eliminate any thoughts or beliefs holding you back. I combine the program with coaching, mentoring and teaching to learn how the mind works and how to consciously take care of yourself and set boundaries. It takes at least four to six months to fully integrate the changes. You get a lot of extra attention from me, the VIP treatment, "SOS" calls and motivating emails between sessions. It's very high-touch.

How are the programs delivered, do you meet in person?

You are welcome to come to my practice if you're local. But I meet most of my clients online, using Zoom for video calls.

What's the time investment to work with you?

It's a bit like meditation; if you don't have time, it means you need it the most!

I give tools and strategies, even some exercises. Still, they are all things you can integrate into your daily routine rather than taking additional time. The personal sessions are 75 minutes per session. That's needed because we go deep. It's a necessary and worthwhile investment of time when considering the results.

What's the best way for people to connect with you?

Go to my website, daniellesax.com, and book a 45-minute breakthrough session using the calendar you find there. This is such a deep transformational journey that we need time to get to know each other and see our connection. I will say “no” when I feel it is not a great fit.

On the website, you can also buy my book "Shifting Out Of Chronic Stress" or book me to speak. I love what I do, and I do what I love, and you can see that on stage. I give keynotes or workshops in private or business situations but also speak to big audiences, my biggest one being in front of 1400 people. The book is also available on Kindle, and you can also find me on social media.

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