The secret to ending struggle…

Last month, I interviewed Derek Rydell, and we talked about stress, struggle and how to deal with it. It was such an exciting and inspiring conversation that I decided to write about some core content around what we discussed.

You can listen to it on the UKHealthRadio website as well. It is worth your time!
Derek often delves into the spiritual and transformational dimensions of life. He teaches that your outer world reflects your inner world, and this principle applies beautifully to a Buddhist quote that illustrates a profound lesson for all of us:

"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional."

This saying points to a fundamental principle that can change your life here and now if you choose. It suggests that suffering is a matter of perspective and attitude, not a fixed outcome of pain. One can choose to move forward and heal instead of fighting it and creating more suffering along the way.

First, let’s get clear - pain is an inherent part of the human experience. It's related to the grain of sand in the oyster; without it, there's no pearl.

Pain is not just inevitable; it's essential. Derek often talks about "emergineering," the idea that everything you need is already within you, waiting to emerge.

Pain pushes you to evolve, to 'emergineer' your life from the inside out.

It brings up everything that's not aligned with your highest self so you can look at it, embrace it, and eventually transcend it. Now, here’s where suffering enters the equation.

Suffering happens when you resist the natural course of life when you attach a destructive narrative to your pain.

In the language of Rydell, suffering is a sign that you're out of sync with your true nature, which is always seeking greater expression and expansion.

When you try to avoid, repress, or numb the pain, you're essentially cutting off the catalyst that can propel you into a higher version of yourself.

Derek teaches us that we don’t have to dig for our purpose or passion. Instead, it will emerge naturally as we create the right conditions inside us.

Similarly, we don’t need to run from pain or wallow in suffering. When we confront pain head-on, feeling it fully without judgment or resistance, we create the inner conditions for our authentic selves to emerge.

So, how do you make this shift?

It starts by leaning into the pain, giving it space to teach you, and allowing the wisdom of the experience to permeate your being. As Derek states, that is how you let your deepest potential easily emerge.

This is the journey from suffering to wholeness. It's not about getting rid of anything; it’s about fully integrating all parts of you, even the painful ones.

In summary, your pain is not a punishment; it’s a portal. A portal to higher consciousness, greater clarity, and an expanded sense of self.

The minute you change your relationship with pain, you change your relationship with life itself. Because remember, while pain may be inevitable on this human journey, suffering is an optional side trip—one you don't have to take.

Choose to journey towards your higher self instead. Many people have done it before you; Derek Rydell himself after having experienced addictions, two near-death experiences and the loss of his son.

You too can walk a different path and embody what Derek emphasizes as "Life happens FOR you and THROUGH you, not TO you; " You too can switch your mindset, asking not "Why did this happen to me?" but "How can I use this to make a difference?"

Again, this profound principle of choosing healing over suffering will change any condition you are in.

Own your life and make the decision today.

That is where you manifest and live authentic success.

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