The Difference Between Self-Care and Conscious Self-Care

For more than two decades now, I have been teaching and helping people worldwide to practice conscious self-care, as it is one of the keys to living authentic success in business and life. It is so much more than the general self-care most people talk about these days.

Self-care is taking care of yourself

Self-care, as we commonly understand it, is all about nurturing ourselves, both in terms of physical health and mental wellness. Like maintaining your vehicle with regular oil changes or ensuring your phone's battery is fully charged, taking care of your personal well-being is paramount. This could manifest in various forms, be it a soothing bath, a tranquil walk amidst nature, a session of yoga, or prioritizing a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Conscious self-care is like self-care on steroids!

However, the beauty of conscious self-care lies in its comprehensive approach. It's a supercharged form of self-care, packed with intentionality, and covering all dimensions of your existence - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The uniqueness of conscious self-care comes from its adaptability; it adjusts according to individual needs.

True story:

Let me highlight the journey of a client, Mary, to illustrate this concept. Mary, a busy mother of two teenagers, was managing her own business. She was a typical 'yes' woman, always placing her family, clients, and team before herself. But as time passed, she found herself in a state of constant fatigue, stress, and irritability.

Mary's transformative journey began when she saw a reflection of her own struggles in my shared experiences. She realized the necessity of self-care, not just for preserving her relationships but, crucially, for her health.

She believed she was practicing self-care through weekly saunas or shopping trips to counterbalance her daily struggles. But our interactions illuminated the true essence of conscious self-care for her. She learned to tune into her feelings to identify and fulfill her needs.

Taking bold steps on this journey, Mary began delegating tasks to her family and promoting their sense of responsibility. She started communicating her needs more assertively with her team and clients, setting personal boundaries and priorities. This was not only about her well-being; it was a representation of true leadership, motivating those around her to imbibe the practice of conscious self-care.

Taking the driver's seat of her well-being, Mary started focusing on her needs before extending help to others. Conscious self-care is about recognizing your energy drains and choosing activities that replenish rather than deplete you.

A common misunderstanding is that self-care is only necessary when one is feeling stressed or low. On the contrary, conscious self-care is preventive and nourishing, much like taking vitamins. You wouldn't wait to fall sick before starting them, right? Regular, small actions of conscious self-care can make a significant positive impact in the long run.

By incorporating conscious self-care into your routine, you're not only ensuring the best possible care for yourself but also empowering yourself to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Embrace the journey of conscious self-care; it's an expedition, not just a destination.

Enjoy the journey!

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