Put on your own oxygen mask first!

For years I have been traveling by plane without really listening to what the stewardess said before take-off. Of course I know everything about how to fasten your seat-belt, where to find the emergency exits or your life-saving jacket.

But only since I have recovered from a serious stress-related illness and work intensely with people on “holistic self-care and self-worth”, did I realise what important advice is given when the flight attendant talks about the oxygen mask. She shows you how to put in on and then clearly states: “Always first put the oxygen mask onto yourself before you help others!”

I use that metaphor now often in workshops, talks or private sessions to explain how important it is in life to first take care of yourself, to always give yourself the oxygen first. You will be a much better partner, parent, colleague and friend because you will never be out of breath, literally! Many people have an aha-moment when they really grasp the essence of this metaphor.

Often in real life, we deplete ourselves while we give away all our energy to help and save others. We live on autopilot and do not understand that this unconscious pattern of taking care of others before ourselves, is dangerous for our own health and well-being. Our mind, body and spirit give us the necessary signals that they need oxygen regularly, but most of the time we continue and do not listen.

When are “you” going to put your own oxygen mask on first?

  • What does need to happen in your life to realise that you are needy of oxygen too?
  • Which crisis do you have to go through, mentally or physically, before you will give yourself the oxygen you so well deserve?
  • When are you going to stop the rat race where you sacrifice yourself by thinking and acting as if you are superman or superwoman?
  • Or do you find yourself not as worthy of oxygen as someone else?

Personally, I am giving myself permission to take a good nap this afternoon and resource myself with some abdominal breathing exercises after some very busy working days where I help people setting their boundaries and owning their life again.

I suggest you stop reading here right now and answer this question:

How are you going to put on your own oxygen mask on today?

Take your journal and write down the answer so you can take on that commitment and invest in yourself.

If you want to know more about this concept, I suggest you go to my website and give yourself the gift of a free session with me because you know deep down inside that you desperately need to work on putting yourself first.

Here is the link straight into my agenda:

We will address your first step to do just that. Feel free to take your own first step of putting your oxygen mask on!

“You are your best investment, always!”

Danielle Sax

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