Own your day so you own your life AND your future!

With more than 30 years of experience helping people shift out of their chronic stress and step into their birthright of owning their life and their future, I can honestly say that it all starts with owning your day.
Clearly, we all want and desire so many things, but it all comes down to the decisions and choices that we make each day again and again that lead to long-lasting results.

Let me ask you a serious question: Do you own your day?

Do you have the feeling that you are in control of your day? That your thoughts, feelings, and actions are yours to choose?

Herewith are four tips that might help you to have the feeling that you are in the driver’s seat of your car (being your day, your life and your future) as soon as you wake up and start your day in the morning:

Reflect before bedtime the day before:

One can state that owning your day starts with how you have set your intentions for that day the day before. We often function on autopilot and get into and out of bed without conscious reflection.

It can be helpful to reflect in the evening how your day went. What did go well and celebrate that win, big or small? Also, note the challenges and what you can improve. Learn from that and decide how to be a better version of yourself the next day. Plan at least one important task that needs to be done the next day, with no compromise.

Start with a morning routine:

Many of my clients have lost control of themselves and their time. They wake up with the thought of coffee when they open their eyes and see it as their morning energy boost.

There is an immediate shift in energy when you begin your day with a well-thought-out morning routine that suits your needs and preferences before your first cup of coffee.

Deepak Chopra’s advice called RPM is a great way to introduce deeper connections with yourself and who you are with the Rise, Pee and Meditate concept. It makes such a difference when you do your meditation, breathwork or gratitude journal immediately.

That is how I start my day! Then I go downstairs to cycle on my home trainer while listening to a good personal development podcast or go for a brisk walk. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

First things first:

If you have a to-do list, then first do what you find the most challenging but important task at the beginning of your working day. It is another way of improving focus and maximizing your productivity and sense of accomplishment. You avoid your mind going into procrastination. Your valuable time is not wasted on just being busy with less essential activities or tasks.

For example: if you need to do a sales call to someone that you are not comfortable with, do it at the start of your working time.

To own our day we need to minimize all distractions. As Les Brown states: “We are not in a world of mass destruction but of mass distraction.

So silence your phone or put blocks of time in your agenda to focus on what is important. Or put your headphones on if you feel that the noise around you is distracting you.

Practice conscious self-care

When you consciously watch over your energy input and output, you can maintain your focus and prevent being overwhelmed and burnout. Taking breaks, going for a walk, and finding joy between serious tasks can make such a difference and give you a sense of control.

But conscious self-care is more than that. It also involves setting boundaries with others, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and putting progress before perfection. It asks you to have courage and self-discipline but also to be non-judgmental and compassionate with yourself!

Not for nothing that my proven 7-step Conscious Self-care system has such amazing results globally. Conscious self-care is a complex daily practice that helps you own your day, life and future!

Feeling in control over your energy and time is about finding a balance between energy input and energy output, self-care and productivity.

It is a totally individual and personal practice as it needs to suit your unique needs and goals. But if you practice this as a lifestyle, I assure you that you will for sure be well on your way to that amazing, empowering feeling of owning your day.

Day by day, becoming more of who you are is such a beautiful and important journey! And the more you become true to yourself, doing what is in alignment with who you are and meant to be, the more you will have the feeling of owning your life AND your future as success, in whatever form you want it, will come naturally to you!

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