2 tips to feel your fabulous self this summer

We cannot deny that these summers after the pandemic have a different dimension as we can travel freely, go out and enjoy our destination of choice, whether locally or internationally. This feeling of freedom gives us back our capacity to be who we want to be and to express our true self exactly how we feel like it.

But many of us have gone through a crisis in these last two/three years. Still today, I see many people feeling less worthy, depressed and extremely lonely. We only had our screens to watch the outside world and often focused on everything that others had and did, deciding that our own life was lacking.


Herewith two tips for you to be that fabulous vibrant you and appreciate your own uniqueness again this summer.


1.     Stop focusing on who you are not and start to value who you are:


"Too many people overvalue what they are NOT and undervalue what they are." Malcolm S. Forbes


In my practice and even in my personal life, I see so many comparing themselves to others, certainly through social media. It makes them feel smaller than others, not good enough. Every time they undervalue themselves and the Universe responds to it with proof to them that they are indeed what they believe, less than others.

It is totally up to you to work on your inner world and discover and appreciate your own authentic power. You are an unique human being with your strengths and weaknesses, with your own talents and flaws. Go own them. 



2.     Forget the past and stop with all the regrets this summer:


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot


So often we stay in what we might have been and look at it with regret and failure. It is time to start all over and still aim for the sky of being who you want to be and can be.

I suggest you write on a piece of paper who exactly who you have been wanting to be your whole life. It is never too late to start raising your standards and creating routines this summer to become exactly that person. Maybe you need a consistent self-care routine or a plan/vision to execute day by day to get there, but you can. Yes, you can! Rise and shine because it is your birthright.


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