It is Time to Have the Best Summer of Your Life!

Stop comparing yourself. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror.

  • How do you perceive yourself today, here and right now?
  • Do you see yourself as too big, too fat, too small, too old?
  • What exactly do you say to yourself? And, what is going through your mind when you see yourself in your bathing suit?

What is your perception of yourself? There is no awareness more important than the understanding we have about ourselves. Because it determines our life, our relationships, our results, etc.

When we grow up, that perception is conditioned by our family and educators. Most of them tell us continuously what is wrong with us. The way they see us, talk to us and act upon us with limitation and judgement, builds our self-image.

By the age of 7 or 8 years, we have unconsciously installed and engraved that negative self-image. The judge within us has taken over and we do not need anyone else anymore to tell us what we are doing wrong. We reinforce that negativism toward ourselves over and over again, not knowing the damage it causes to our body, mind and spirit.

Your perception of who you are, how you look and what you are worth, is an important quality to work on in your life! At any age, you can retake charge of your life and change that self-image, consciously.

To do exactly that, there is one important habit to unlearn:

Stop comparing yourself to others.

By consistently looking at others and comparing yourself with what they are, have and do, you are disrespectful to who you are as a unique human being with strengths and weaknesses. You forget the genius within you who awaits your recognition.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid!”    Einstein

By comparing yourself to others, you will find yourself never to be good enough, slim enough, smart enough. This will not only lead to a negative self-image but it will never give you peace of mind. It will drain you and stress you out.

How can one’s mind be at ease when it is so often looking around and comparing?

If you stop comparing yourself to others this summer, you will experience a boost in energy and confidence. You will live the best summer ever because instead of looking to the outside, you will live from the inside out.

Enjoy every day while going for your own values, passion and purpose. Reinforce your self-image with positive affirmations and gratitude. By changing your perception of yourself, you will change your relationship with yourself and therefore your relationship with the world. You will see abundance instead of limitation, everywhere you go.

Stop comparing yourself with others, feel fabulous and have the best summer ever! Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about these concepts of conscious self-care and growth, then please go and register for my free online training where I explain how to thrive without sacrificing yourself and your well-being.