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How to avoid a burn-out with a self-care coach.

Let me give you a recent case to show you the results you can achieve.

Tom,  asked me how to avoid a burn-out because he was completely overwhelmed and stressed.


In his first session, Tom explained me:

 His father, who ran the family business, wanted to retire and asked Tom to succeed him.

  • During the transition period, Tom struggled with the management style of his dad, which put an enormous stress on his shoulders.
  • Tom was convinced he was not “good enough” to manage the family business, but he did not want to disappoint his family. Therefore he worked hard to meet the expectations of everyone.
  • With the increased responsibilities, he sacrificed himself completely for the business and was on the edge of a burn-out, which he couldn’t afford.
  • This is when Tom realised that he needed help and contacted me.

After a few coaching sessions:

  • Tom took responsibility for the situation he was in and decided to manage the business ‘HIS’ way.
  • Soon, he realised that he had the right to put himself first before helping/saving the whole universe.
  • He started to set healthy boundaries toward himself and others to fulfill his own needs.

After his inner journey, Tom wrote me:

  • Danielle taught me I had everything in me to become a leader and successful entrepreneur I always wished to be.
  • She encouraged me to put myself first and become my best friend, which was difficult at first.
  • My life transformed completely because I now give attention to my body, feelings and needs.
  • I gave up pleasing everyone and do the best I can from a place of self-worth and self-love.


Danielle’s 7-steps saved and transformed my life:

  •  I never enjoyed so much energy.My relations with my suppliers, customers, and employees improved a great deal.
  • My mind is calm, sharper and as a consequence, I make better decisions.
  • My dad is proud of me because I rejuvenated the family business.
  • I spend more quality time with family and cherish every moment with my wife and little daughter.
  • I never dreamed I would find my balance and fulfillment again. But I did! 
  • Danielle taught me the skills how to avoid a burn-out, and with these skills,  I will cope with whatever comes along for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Danielle

Tom – Entrepreneur

Other testimonials

Danielle specializes in coaching, mentoring and teaching sensitive people by helping them to help themselves with their struggle in this demanding society.

She has learned from the greatest teachers in the world and combined ancient wisdom with the newest science and personal development tools.

Her process has helped people to shift from chronic stress to a more balanced and happy life

Dr. Kathleen Hall,

The Mindful Living Network & The Stress Institute

With your spontaneity, commitment and professionalism, you helped in my self-awareness and authenticity, more than you know.

You create a fantastic trustful atmosphere which gives me the space to dive deep within and build up from the core. Sometimes so confronting but so life-altering!

Thank you


Pharmacy owner

Gratitude is the word that comes up when I reflect on these last few months.

You helped me to stop many unhealthy habits. I finally found calmness in my head and inner peace in me.

Gratitude for the mirror you presented me. The golden tips you gave me brought me closer to my core and built my inner strength.

I am authentic with myself, take action and thrive in every area of my life.


Author and Children Coach

You have two options:

Either, you do nothing which will require ZERO risks and ZERO faith. You will continue to experience the same results and pains with ZERO change.

Or, you invest 30 minutes of your time and book a free session in my calendar. Let’s discuss your situation and find out if I can help you to regain control of your life (or not).