Are You Ready To Truly Honor Yourself?

In a few days, my oldest daughter is getting married. It has been such an exciting experience since the beginning of all the preparations and planning. We got together on different occasions to go and see venues. She tried on all different wedding dresses, and she programmed her big day exactly how she and her fiancé want it.

It is “their” day and nobody else’s. That is how I experienced my son’s wedding last year. It is up to them to shine and get all the attention. Certainly, for the bride, it is an occasion to have all the focus on her.

Because we are so close, the bride-to-be also came with me to shop for my dress for the occasion. It was an emotional moment as well because my daughter told me that she also wanted ME to shine. She mentioned how proud she was of me being her mother, always giving unconditional love and being there for her no matter what. That is why she wanted me standing strong next to her, on her wedding day. We both had tears in our eyes.

Of course, no need to tell you that having two weddings in 1 year in a family is an amazing time in one’s life but also an expensive one. So I had not planned on spending too much money on my dress and wanted to keep it low key.

Buy That Dress.

But when my daughter saw me in this beautiful and elegant navy blue dress. She encouraged me to honor myself enough to buy this dress, whatever the price on the price tag said. If this dress would make me feel special as the proud mother of the bride and would give me an exceptional feeling on “her” day, then that should be my choice!

It made me reflect on what I talk about in my book: “Shifting Out of Chronic Stress” and in my talks and workshops. Self-care practice is essential for each and every one of us. But conscious loving self-care is not just about eating well and exercising regularly, it is mainly about honoring your own value. It is also giving you the abundance you deserve and standing in your power as much as you can.

Yes, I bought the dress and yes, I will shine because I love myself enough to know I am worth it. It has nothing to do with dollars or money. It has to do with a much bigger concept which is “honor yourself”.

“You are a miracle; you are worthy and deserving of the best.”

You are here to make choices every day.

Which choices are YOU making?

  • Are you honoring yourself, taking charge of your life, feeling abundant and grateful?
  • Are you buying yourself that dress that empowers you and embraces your being?
  • Or are you keeping small and feeling unworthy, always putting others first and not being the best you can be?

It is evident that this is not about “buying” yourself anything to make you feel better! Self-love and Self-care in the first degree that’s the essential. It is about living “your” life. Choose “your” vibration of abundance and (w)health and honoring the precious diamond that you are.

Believing that you are special enough to show the world who you are and what you stand for. How big or small the occasion may be. It is about giving expression to yourself in this Universe, which always gives you that same energy in return, abundantly!

If you want to learn more about these concepts of conscious self-care and growth, then please go and register for my free online training where I explain how to thrive without sacrificing yourself and your well-being..