From Barely Surviving to

Consciously Thriving

Danielle Sax

My story

My name is Danielle Sax, physiotherapist, author, speaker and self-care coach. I mentor overwhelmed professionals and entrepreneurs who have given so much of themselves in their professional and personal life that they have sacrificed themselves in the process.  I help them to get their life back.

As a sensitive youngster and later as a devoted physiotherapist and mother, helping, saving and caring for others was always my first concern. Never did I realise that the underlying fear of not being good enough was a consistent alertness in everything I did and created a lifestyle of putting work and others first, sacrificing my well-being.

Helping and pleasing others was my nature. In a nutshell, I had time for everyone except for myself.

My wake-up call.

During a troublesome time, one day, my body said: “No more!” and a stress-related illness attacked my immune system. My life came to a STOP. There was no energy left to do anything. I was confined to bed, not able to take care of myself anymore, let alone take care of others.

When I reflected on what happened, I cried. This illness could be avoided if I had noticed the signals, my body was giving me. I went from doctors to specialists. They advised me I should accept my condition and predicted I would never be capable of working again.

There and then I took a conscious decision to go on a healing journey and I I disagreed with this because I knew full well that our body is designed to heal itself.

Desperately, I started to use new and ancient techniques to treat myself to get my life back! It took me five years of trial and error to recover fully.

My Mission


It is clear that everything in life happens for a reason, although we do not always understand that at the moment itself.  I am grateful for my past experiences because they showed me my purpose in life.

Since recovering from my debilitating illness, it is my mission to help people to help themselves in their struggle in this demanding society, to warn people about the danger of chronic stress and the importance of conscious self-care and self-love.

It is my passion to help busy entrepreneurs and professionals raise their self-awareness and self-worth because it is our birth-right to thrive in every area of our life without sacrificing ourselves.

I love my purpose, and I am unstoppable … to help as many people as I can in their journey, everywhere in the world.

You are worthy of your best life, you are (good) enough hat is a fact. You just need to invest in yourself and finally take responsibility for yourself and your life. I help you do that. Change starts with a choice.

My Coaching


As well as in my one-on-ones as in my mastery groups, I give my clients the necessary steps and tools they need to shift out of that vicious cycle of stress and struggle, exactly like I did and to thrive without sacrifice.  I’ve been in their shoes. I know their fears and frustrations and their lack of balance and fulfilment. They need someone that understands exactly what is going on.

At the same time, I ask them questions, which nobody else will ask them, to give them a mirror and awareness in their own being and doing so they can discover for themselves what needs to change.

While we go through my 7-step process that has changed hundreds of people’s lives, I keep them accountable for their thoughts, feelings and actions and I believe in their highest potential to be the best version of themselves.

My clients feel totally alive and worthy again while practising conscious self-care and this program will create the same results for you.


You have two options:

Either, you do nothing which will require ZERO risks and ZERO faith. You will continue to experience the same results and pains with ZERO change.

Or, you invest 30 minutes of your time and book a free session in my calendar. Let’s discuss your situation and find out if I can help you to regain control of your life (or not).