Valuable Tips To Face Serious Anxiety

Almost two decades ago, I suffered from a debilitating stress-related illness which was accompanied by serious anxiety attacks that would come out of nowhere. Even in the middle of the night, I would wake up in a sweat and a panic. My heart would beat out of my chest as if my life was in great danger.

Honestly, these serious anxiety periods would take up all my energy, and they were never-ending. It felt exhausting, and the only thing doctors wanted me to do was to take my medication. Nobody, in that “stone age”, could tell me how to deal with this.

Today, I look at it from a different perspective.

I am grateful for the signals I got from my body to stop me from sacrificing myself and keeping myself in a consistent chronic stress alert level. Because of that serious anxiety, I have learned many life lessons, and there are a few that I want to share with you here.

  1. Your breath is your most powerful life force and it is free.

Your breathing, and most preferably your abdominal breathing is the best tool there is if you have any stress, strain or struggle. You can use at any given time in your life that you need it.

Focusing on your breath does not only bring down anxiety, but it also brings you simply more into your body, instead of living in your head as most of us do the whole day long.

Instead of overthinking everything in life, we need to go into our belly and feel into it. Sinking into your lower body brings you a certain peace and balance. You feel more grounded, empowered and safe.

  1. The more you focus on the problem, the bigger it gets.

Yes, if I focussed on my anxiety, it would become even more debilitating and overwhelming. It is like that in daily life too. If you focus on what is not working in your life, you get more of it. “Energy flows where your attention goes.”

It is essential to learn to switch your attention to the positive. If you change your focus to something like singing a song or making your bucket list, you can interrupt the cycle of negativity and drama. It works, every time.

  1. All is well and yes you can.

In the middle of my anxiety attacks, I would say to myself a quote that I once read: “Accept this moment, without judgement or needless worry. Remind yourself that all is well and that you can handle whatever comes along.”

It is a fact that accepting and going in the moment, gives you inner peace and changes the energy. Let’s be honest: “All is well, and you can handle whatever comes along.” Yes, you can. Trust that after the rain, comes the sunshine, always.

These life lessons are simple and basic, but that makes them even more valuable. Because when you think about it, you can use them every single day of your life with whatever comes along. Serious anxiety is a scary thing, but today I am grateful that it gave me so many lessons, insights and inspiration to help others with their conscious self-care journey.

Be conscious of your self-care today!

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