Make Your Body and Your World Thrive with these Simple Words.

Did you know that one major attitude to develop when you want to experience inner peace and live a balanced and meaningful life, is to live in gratitude?

There is a quote I once read that said:

“It isn’t joy that makes you feel grateful, it’s being grateful that makes you feel joyful.”

Gratitude is the one ingredient that gives you joy, and it does not cost you anything. It is free to give and free to receive.

But more than that, research shows that when people feel grateful, they have a greater life experience.

So the words “THANK YOU” have a reaction into our bodies. Scientists measured a change in our blood pressure, our heart rate and even our cellular response. Our body thrives when we live in a vibration of praise or gratitude, certainly when it is spoken.

  • Why is it then so difficult for us to say those words out loud?
  • Are we afraid of the reaction of others?
  • Or are we taking everything for granted and do not “think” about saying it?


Live In Gratitude and Create A Different Vibration For Yourself.

Now you know how important it is for your body to live in gratitude. So why do you not give yourself the task to say those two words a few times a day? And do it with the real intention of creating a different vibration for yourself?

Here are some examples:

  • Why not look at the lady at the checkout counter of the supermarket and say an intentional loving “thank you” before you walk out? Most of us take those people for granted and just make a routine out of those daily acts. You might be surprised what a beautiful smile she will give back to you!
  • Or just say thank you to someone in the traffic which is kind enough to let you pass.
  • Or maybe you can say “thank you” to your partner or child who helps you to set the table or welcomes you at the door when you come in.

Just check yourself saying those two words more often with the intention of creating a different vibration of health, well-being and joy.

In my new book, “Shifting Out of Chronic Stress: A 7-Step Journey to Regain Your Balance and Inner Strength”, I mention a quote that Oprah Winfrey once said and I repeat it often in my coaching sessions or workshops as well:

“When you are present in gratitude, you awaken the bigness of even the smallest things in life. You make yourself the richest man on earth.”

That says it all for me and illustrates how “thank you” are probably the two most important words you can say in your life.

Choose to live in gratitude from today onward. You will see miracles happening, and life will be at its most rewarding!

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